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About Kaypi Peru Tours

About Kaypi Peru Tours


Kaypi Peru Tour Operator is duly accredited travel company to perform any kind of tourism activity in Peru, with all accreditations and permits, young 100% PERUVIAN company with 9 years of experience in the Peruvian tourism industry, however has developed an effective and efficient way of working which has enabled it to compete with the most experienced travel agencies.

The reasons of our existence are divided in four big groups:



Offer the main Peru tourist attractions to all people around the world, all this attractions organized in really well All Inclusive tour packages where our customers don’t need to be worried about anything and with same tour packages pomote and show our passion for our country.

Comfort and adventure are our passion respecting the ecology and supporting social economy through all our programs.


Be the travel tour operator number one in our region and country respecting our culture, our traditions, our country, our people and our mother earth.

Our Team