Inca Jungle Trek Itinerary: Day-by-Day Breakdown

Prepare for an amazing adventure with our Inca Jungle Trek itinerary. This tour has it all: hiking, biking, history and culture. Explore this thrilling path to Machu Picchu step by step.

We will explain the day-by-day itinerary for our Inca Jungle Trek with Kaypi Peru. Go through the diverse landscapes and the different ecosystems of Peru. Everyday has breathtaking views and excitement. 

Join us as we discover the best tips and the highlights of our trek. This is perfect for the adventurous and curious visitors alike. So, pack the essentials and gear up for the best journey of your life!

Exploring the Highlights: What to Expect Each Day on the Inca Jungle Trail

In Kaypi Peru, we manage a special itinerary scheduled from your arrival to Cusco. Once we pick you up from your hotel, we will wait for you and take a city tour. This day ends with a night in your hotel.

The next day of our itinerary is a free day for you to explore the rest of the city. However, you can make extra tours with us. We have for you a half-day archeological tour, a full-day Sacred Valley of the Incas Tour or Rainbow Mountain Tour. You will spend the night in Cusco.

Now we begin the interesting part of your journey with our Inca Jungle Trek itinerary.

Day one of the Inca Jungle Trek itinerary starts early in the morning. We will be picking you up from your hotel in the city of Cusco. We will depart to Abra Malaga with our tour guides. Once there, the mountain biking begins with the descent through breathtaking villages, rivers and more.

As we traverse different ecosystems, we will get ready for our next activity. After a short pause, we will gear up for our rafting trip for about 2 hours. We will go through rapids class II and IV with our professional safety kayak.

Ater our adventure we will spend the night in a local house for the Santa Maria Santa Teresa route.

Santa Maria offers you relaxation after a day of adventure. Once you end your bike and raft part of the tour, the hot springs call. Your muscles will thank you for the natural warmth that heals you.

Inca Jungle Trek Itinerary: Day-by-Day Breakdown

Adventure Intensifies: Thrills on the Trail

The next day begins with hiking for approximately 30 minutes. Also, we will walk through small coffee plantations, fruit trees, among others. This will remind you of the fertility of the Sacred Valley.

This area has many types of birds and flowers such as orchids. The biodiversity of the trek will amaze you, especially the Urubamba Valley. 

We will continue to the Santa Teresa lodges to get our well deserved sleep. Spend the night in cozy accommodations.

The Santa Teresa town has all the charm and smooth environment you’ll need. This will get you ready for the following day full of adventure.

Approaching the Ancient Wonder

On the next day of the Inca Jungle Trek itinerary we will explore the roads and the adventure. In Santa Teresa, we will start with the zip line. Don’t worry we have all the safety measures. 

After that, we will take a bus to the area known as hydroelectric. Then, we will have lunch and after trekking through diverse ecological zones.  We will be getting closer to the Inca heritage.

We will cross bridges and observe wildlife in their natural habitats. Afternoon walks are calm and direct to Aguas Calientes. Once you are in the hotel in Aguas Calientes offers comfort before the final leg.

Spend the evening exploring this lively town. Enjoy the local environment and the local cuisine. Sleep well; Machu Picchu awaits in the morning.

The Culmination: Machu Picchu Mountain

The following day is the highlight of our Inca Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu. Wake up early to get to the bus station that gets us to the top. After a small ride we will be ready to discover the most famous Inca Citadel.

Once we are there, our guides will take us around this ancient city. We will see terraces, temples, and plazas according to our chosen circuit. Keep in mind that the Huayna Picchu circuits are available with extra time of anticipation.

After 2 hours of walking in Machu Picchu, you’ll get back down to Aguas Calientes to meet our guide. Once there you’ll have the chance to explore the local cuisine for lunch. The night here will be magical after reaching the views of Machu Picchu Cusco. 

This same day we will get train tickets back to Cusco and then to your hotel.

Reflection and Return

The final day is for reflection and return. On this day a Kaypi Peru tours representative will transfer you to the airport for your flight out from Cusco.

You’ll realize that it offers a blend of adventure and culture. Each day of our Inca Jungle Trek itinerary enhances your Machu Picchu experience. Keep in mind that you must read our most detailed itinerary on our page.

Inca Jungle Trek Itinerary: Day-by-Day Breakdown

Essential Tips and Preparations: Making the Most of Your Adventure

Taking our Inca Jungle Trek itinerary needs careful planning. Also, you’ll need to pack light to make your journey easy across various terrains. You should include in your gear some hiking boots, rain jackets and comfortable clothing. 

Is important to stay hydrated and carry enough water for each day. Also, stay energized with nutritious bars and fruits. A good backpack will distribute weight and will allow you mobility.

To reduce the risk of altitude sickness you should acclimatize in Cusco before you begin the trek. So, spend at least a couple of days adjusting to altitude in the Sacred Valley and the city.

Preparing for the Trail’s Demands

Another important point in the Inca Jungle Trek is the physical preparation. Start doing regular cardio exercises and trekking routines. To traverse the challenging paths, strengthen your legs and core to handle the challenging paths.

Another tip is to learn basic Spanish phrases so you can connect with locals. Getting soaked into the interaction enhances your experience. Also, you can also communicate with your tour guides and engage easily. 

Secure travel insurance that covers high-altitude trekking. Check the coverage details thoroughly before your journey. Ensure it includes emergency evacuation and medical care.

Make your trip safe with travel insurance for high-altitude trekking. Review your journey and check the coverage details. Make sure that it includes emergency evacuation and medical care for any circumstance.

Budgeting and Discounts

Keep in mind the price for the Inca Jungle Trek so you can adjust your budget to include meals and souvenirs. Always carry some cash with you as not all places accept credit cards or ATMs available.

An important tip is that students should carry ISIC cards for any discounts. Check with us for the validity to ensure it’s accepted.

Plan your visit to Machu Picchu with our Inca Jungle Trek itinerary in mind. Is important to book the tickets to Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu in advance. They often sell out quickly.

Health and Safety on the Trail

Pack a first-aid kit with band-aids, antiseptics and some personal medicines. Include altitude sickness pills if necessary under medical prescription. Also, pack sunscreen and hats to protect you against the sun.

Stay close to your group and the guides. This is the safest way to walk along the safest routes and best practice. Don’t go on your own because it is unfamiliar terrain.

Also, respect the environment and the local customs. Manage your waste properly. Everyone is responsible to preserve the beauty and integrity of all the places you visit.

The Inca Jungle Trek is the best experience with the right preparation.

Inca Jungle Trek Itinerary: Day-by-Day Breakdown
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