Cleaning Activities and Protection of the Mother Nature

Just during the last years, the protection of the environment has become important in our Peruvian society, but if we try to see the past, we can see that for our ancestors the protection of the mother earth was super important. in order to retake the ancient traditions of protection to the mother earth, Kaypi Peru Tours is part of the cleaning activities in Cusco City.

Actions for Cleaning the City

Unfortunately, until nowadays our local government is not able to arrive at the last corners of the city to clean the streets or just to pick up the garbage, that is why Kaypi Peru Tours organize cleaning activities with its staff.

How Kaypi Peru Tours is helping?

  • We adopt different neighborhoods during the year, we provide duffel bags to neighbors in order to clean the areas with them, because it is not important how many times you can clean the important thing is to make the local people involved to keep clean the areas where they live.
  • All our staff is obligated to have one day to clean those areas with us even if they are free lands, we have to clean them in order to protect the beauty of our city and our country.
  • Kaypi Peru Tours is part of different organizations such as the association of travel companies of Cusco, we participate all the time in their big cleaning activities that are usually in really polluted parts like rivers or natural spring where unfortunately people still through down the garbage.
  • As our main job is located in our Andean Communities, the kids’ education in their towns is very important, give them the alternatives and instructions about how to protect the mother nature, assist them and let them know how important is the protection of the resources.
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