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Elias Tour Guide

Elias Cordova was born in 1986 in the village of Mollepata, Cusco Region Peru.

He went to the local school and was a good student. But when he was eleven years old he moved to the main town, to continue study his secondary school. He moved to Andina University to study Tourism career in Cusco city, to become professional Tour Guide, He married with Roxana, and they had one daughter called Verenisse.

From 2010, he starts working as tour guide with Kaypi Company, and he has in his mind all the time this values. Whatever cause you yourself support, be sure to be transparent with your practices and honest with your customers. You must be authentic if you’re going to be successful at anything; otherwise, you will be labeled as disingenuous and will lose the trust of your customers. Trust is the most fragile relationship you could ever have. Once it’s gone, you’ll find it next to impossible to get it back. Where love, work, and knowledge govern, these three primary drives should govern our individual lives, he thinks that they should also govern society. He has clear that we couldn’t possibly prescribe how future generations should organize themselves to form healthy communities but that we could aspire to remove any and all obstacles in their way.

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