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Franco Tour guide

Franco Tour guide

Franco Kaypi peru guide

Franco Farfan Polo was born on May 24th of 1991 in Oropesa town the national capital of bread, a little town close to Cusco City.

Franco loved to play soccer during his free time but with the arrival of his son he prefers to spend his free time with his adorable son, he likes to watch movies and is waiting his son grow up to see the movies together, in the other hand he loves to spend certain time with his friends and doing social projects related with the develop of his fellow citizens.

One of the reason because he loves to travel is because with each trip that he has, he can see and feel all the social injustices and he loves to fight against them in his words “IT DOES NOT EXIST BETTER EDUCATION THAT TRAVEL  AND SEE THE WORLD”

He hates all the social injustices that he can see when he is traveling on his own or with our groups, but he does not have his hands and arms tied, all the time is trying to help people, trying to educate the people and aporting to the change of the mind of our kids.

For the future like he said to all his passengers, one day he wants to change the country and he will begin becoming the Major of his little town, changing his town and after will try to change the country.

Kaypi is so proud to have a person like Franco in our team and be part of his life. Kaypi knows that his passion for our country is impressive, his consequent fight against social injustice is inspiring and his ideas someday are going to change our country for a better place to live.

Thank you FRANCO to be part of our family


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