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Guinea Pigs the Andean Delicacy

Guinea Pigs the Andean Delicacy

Posted: Tuesday, 10 December, 2019 | Blog | 0 Coments

Guinea Pigs the Andean Delicacy

All around the South American Andes, the people recognize the guinea pigs as Cuy. This little rodent is considered a delicacy in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia but mainly in Peru. Even when Cuyes are really appreciated in all around Peru. The main areas where people love to eat this delicacy are in the Andes.

The Cuy in the Andes of Peru is the main dish during the special dates such as birth dates, weddings, baptisms, and funerals.

The cuy is served accompanied by different things, according to the preparation.

Where can you eat a good Guinea Pig?

Nowadays all the touristy restaurants located in the center of the cities offer this delicacy, but local It is almost impossible to find information about these places in travel books or the internet. These restaurants their location are known just by local people, they are usually full of Cusqueñans that love to celebrate their special dates with Guinea pigs and beers.

How the guinea pig taste like?

It is very complicated to describe the flavor of the guinea pig, for a lot of people who taste guinea pig for the first time, it tastes like a chicken, for other people it tastes like pork, for other people it tastes like rabbit, but for locals who eat this delicacy at least twice, a month Cuy has a unique flavor.

How can you eat guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are very flexible, that means that you can prepare a different kind of dishes with this small rodent, the most popular ways to cook cuy are:

Baked Guinea Pigs “Cuy al Horno”:

Cuy al Horno is the most popular way to cook the “guinea pig”, especially in the northern Andes of Peru and Cusco. It is basically a baked guinea pig and it is always accompanied by baked pasta and baked potatoes, sometimes another delicacy knows as Tullan which are the intestines of the guinea pig.

Once to have the guinea pig ready for baking, the locals just spread it with its own blood, salt, and lime juice. After that, they introduce Huacatay inside of the guinea pig to bake the Cuy for 2 hours.

Guinea Pig Chactado or “Cuy Chactado”:

This is a famous way to cook guinea pigs in the south of Peru, it is basically a fried guinea pig that is always accompanied by fried potatoes and salad with vegetables.

Cuy Chactado is famous in the south of Peru, it is basically a fried guinea pig that is always accompanied by fried potatoes and salad with onions and tomatoes.

Once to have the guinea pig ready for frying, the locals destroy the bones with a stone. They flatten the entire body of the cuy and then they spread with lime juice to fry it in a lot of oil for 20 minutes.

Cuy al Palo:

Another way to cook guinea pigs. Which is basically a grilled guinea pig always accompanied by boil potatoes and hot sauce.

Once to have the Cuy ready for cooking, the locals pierce the guinea pig with a stick and grilled it. Before they need to spread the cuy with its own blood and lime juice for grilled it for 2 hours.

Fried Guinea Pig

Basically the same as chactado but without flattening the guinea pig, accompanied with rice and fried potatoes.

Pepian de Cuy:

A way to cook guinea pig is a new alternative to cook this awesome meat served with rice.

The ancient Peruvians domesticated for a long time the guinea pig for food. Nowadays is considered by locals as a delicacy or especial food. Very rich in proteins and poor in fat, very healthy and appreciated the meat.


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