Huacachina and Nazca Lines tour Full Day

The Nazca lines are still one of the biggest mysteries that Peru and the world has, Nazca is a big territory covered by sand and the civilization which life there before the Incas took the same name. The Nazca Culture, they were great farmers and hydraulic engineers but their biggest treasure is the drawings located in the ground of the desert.

Even now the professors already know how they were able to make them but the big question is still why just 30% of them have a relation with the constellations and just 45% of them have a relation with the underground natural springs but all of them together still no make sense.

With more than 200 perfect drawn figures in the desert. Nazca Lines are still one of the biggest mysteries in the world.

Itinerary for the Huacachina and Nazca lines tour

Huacachina and Nazca Lines included

Round trip transportation from and to Lima
Entrances to ICA airport
Overflights in Nazca Lines
Huacachina Tour
Sandboarding tour and buggies

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Lunch or dinner
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