Lither Lito Lither Lito
Lither Lito

Lither Lito

Lither Lito kaypi peru tour guide

Experience: 6 years as a tour guide.

Working with us: 3 years.

Hobby: Play soccer and dance.

Nickname: Lito.

Lither Rios Valdivia (LITO) was born on April 20th of 1989 in Oropesa town, close to Cusco city, he has one beautiful son and he is married.

He loves to play soccer during his free time especially on his little town that is located close to Cusco City; he loves to dance in the traditional festivities with traditional rituals in honor to the mother earth and catholic virgins.

Lito’s specialties are the hiking routes and the bird watching and he wants to be all the time in contact with nature, his passion is trying to preserve the environment and help his family to have a better life in the future.

For the future, he wants to work for the institutions that protect nature, work in social projects to protect the people in the Andean communities and the nature that surround them.

Kaypi is so proud to have the devotion of Lito to protect the environment, his passion for his work and his passion when he is talking about nature and especially the birds.

Thank you LITO to be part of our family.

+51 992 832 337

What’s up: +51 984 486985

Lito Rios Valdivia