The Magic Water Circuit of the Reserve Park in Lima The Magic Water Circuit of the Reserve Park in Lima
The Magic Water Circuit of the Reserve Park in Lima

The Magic Water Circuit of the Reserve Park in Lima


The Reserve park for a long time was a simple green area located next to the national soccer stadium in Peru, but in 2007 the principal of Lima inaugurated the Magic Water Circuit in the park and nowadays is an obligatory stop for the visitors of the city, especially if you are traveling with kids.

The park has all the commodities to spend a great time there.  For instance, the water has different symphonies according to the season and the days especially if the government is celebrating any festivity.

So, the park has a magical atmosphere for couples or families, but at the same time is a peaceful place for an alone person. Also, the magic Water Circuit has a cool train that the people can take to see all the water fountains that composed the park.

Itinerary for the Magic Water Circuit

The show starts at 7 pm and it is repetitive every hour, it has a different kind of music in all the fountains, the place is a great site to spend some hours in Lima.

The tour guide and the driver will pick you up from your hotel to take you directly to the Parque de la Reserva, the driving time is around 30 minutes until the entrance where the tour guide will pay for your entrances, you will have one hour guided tour inside of the park as each fountain has meaning and explanation.

According to the season, the fountains will have different music and of course a different explanation. You will need to pack an extra t-shirt because some of the fountains can be strong and you can be wet at the end of the tour, or maybe if you want to play in some of them is totally possible.

The tour will finish when our tour guide and driver will drop you off in your hotel.

Includes / Not included

The Magic Water Circuit Included

  • Professional tour guide.
  • Private transportation.
  • Pick up from your hotel

Not included

  • Tip
  • Water
  • Lunch or dinner

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