Preservation of traditions and Woman Empowering

Preservation of traditions and Woman Empowering

Peru is a diverse and pluricultural country, where different nations, ethnic, customs, and traditions converge. That is why since the beginnings Kaypi Peru Tours is engaged with the preservation of the traditions and the sharing of the real history of our ancestors.

There are many ways how we protect the traditions of our country, for example, our team has to speak QUECHUA or AYMARA language obligatory in order to have better communication with the locals at the different places to visit.

Actions to preserve the traditions:

Andean Colors

We are already working with this social initiative for more than 4 years; we are so proud to say that we are the only company in Cusco City who works with Andean Colors.

What is the Andean Color?

Andean Color is a social cooperative dedicated to preserving the ancient weaving process, located in the Sacred Valley, Andean Color works just with single mothers who are trying to get economic independence from their husbands with their work with the textiles.

Peru has a big number of single mothers who have to take care of the kids by themselves because the husbands abandoned them for different reasons. Unfortunately, in Peru is very difficult to find a job if you have babies with you or if you are a single mother, Andean Color gives them the opportunity to still take care of their babies while they are working in the weaving process.

How Kaypi Peru Tours is helping?