The Rainbow Mountains Palcoyo vs Vinicunca The Rainbow Mountains Palcoyo vs Vinicunca
The Rainbow Mountains Palcoyo vs Vinicunca

The Rainbow Mountains Palcoyo vs Vinicunca

Posted: Tuesday, 12 November, 2019 | Blog | 0 Coments

The Rainbow Mountains Palcoyo vs Vinicunca

They are two popular Rainbow mountains located in the Cusco Region. Sometimes it will be very difficult to choose between these two destinations, especially because they are located out of the city and in both cases, you need to have one full day to visit each of them.

Is Vinicunca the only mountain of 7 colors?

The most popular mountain without a doubt is Vinicunca but it is not the only Rainbow mountain, during this year more and more local people are finding and promoting their new attractions and Rainbow mountains are the most popular ones.

The formation of the Andes in this zone is almost the same, that is why some of the mountains have the same color, their different colors are due to the minerals of their composition.

Why choose Palcoyo rainbow mountain?

Even when Vinincunca is the most popular one, it is not the most attractive one. Especially for the number of people that visit this mountain, they are around 3000 people per day at the same time climbing up the mountain. So the only reason why a lot of people go there is that is cheaper for the local travel companies.

The other big difference between both mountains is the walking distance from the parking spaces to the attraction itself, in the case of Palcoyo it is just one hour and 20 minutes and actually you already can see one of the mountains in the parking space.

In the case of Vinincunca, the passengers have to walk 3 hours, all the way climbing up until the top of the mountain.

Here are the biggest differences between both destinations: