Renso  Serrano Tour Guide

Renso Serrano Tour Guide

Renso was born in Cusco in 1992. He is happily married and has a beautiful daughter.

He started to work with Kaypi since the very beginning in the office and thanks to his knowledge in tourism kaypi was able to get better and better. he was one of the first tour guides of the company. he is very passionate about our Peruvian culture. he is all the time trying to make sure everybody is happy and pleased in the group and by the way he is super patient; “no rush with him”.

He hopes all the best to the company as he thinks we are helping local people to grow at the same time.

Thank you Renso to be part of Kaypi Family

+51 992 832 337

What’s up: +51 974266422

Renso Serrano Chavez