Smiles in the Mountains – Children support

Smiles in the Mountains – Children support

Smiles in the mountains is a Kaypi Peru Tour Operator initiative where our company adopts one Andean community during the Christmas season to give away the best Christmas celebration to the Andean kids.

Our country is full of little villages where our government does not have a presence due to their locations or due to their accessibility, they are the villages where Kaypi Peru Tour Operator works every year. We choose one new village every year because we want to help and create smiles in all the possible kids.

We are so proud that our initiative is working already 6 years, covering in total more than 2000 kids and 675 families in 6 years, this initiative starts with the owners and tour guides of Kaypi Peru Tour Operator but now is involving more and more people, such as family of our workers and of course our customers, The communities helped by Smiles in the mountains were:

How Kaypi Peru Tours is Creating Smiles in the Mountains?

Traditionally, Christmas in Peru is a celebration for our kids and following that tradition our best way to create smiles in the mountains are:

There are still many communities that we want to help and keep creating smiles in the mountains, see people with the purest smile in the world, it does not have a price, making them happy is our labor.

This Year we are going to reach two communities with around 600 kids,