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Smiles in the Mountains – Children support

Social Responsability

Smiles in the mountains is a Kaypi Peru Tours initiative where our company adopts one Andean community during the Christmas season to give away the best Christmas celebration to the Andean kids. Our country is full of little villages where our government does not have a presence due to their…

Just during the last years, the protection of the environment has become important in our Peruvian society, but if we try to see the past, we can see that for our ancestors the protection of the mother earth was super important. in order to retake the ancient traditions of protection…

Peru is a diverse and pluricultural country, where different nations, ethnic, customs, and traditions converge. That is why since the beginnings Kaypi Peru Tours is engaged with the preservation of the traditions and the sharing of the real history of our ancestors. There are many ways how we protect the…

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