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The aramu muru doorway tour

The aramu muru doorway tour


Aramu Muru is located around 1 hour from Puno City in the Aymara site of Titicaca Lake.

The Aramu muru doorway according to the local people is a place full of magic because is a dimensional portal that can transfer you to a different.

It has this name thank to an Inca priest who escaped from Cusco with a huge disc of Gold that was a representation of the Sun and used the gate to protect it and hide.

The local people protected the Aramu Muru doorway for a long time, who just hide the information of its existence to the visitors,  because of they were scared about being close to this natural formation because it does not have any relation with the rest of the high plateau, it is a unique place due to the formation that it has.

The place was founded by a local tour guide who was exploring the area in order to find this mystical place that was just in chronicles and in the histories of the local people.

Therefore, today the local people still worship and respect Aramu muru, especially during August which is considered the beginning of the Andean year.

Itinerary Aramu muru Tour in Puno

The place is open during the whole year as it is located on one side of the route to Bolivia, so you can visit the place during the morning or afternoon.

Aramu Muru is located in the Aymara zone of Puno in front of Titicaca Lake. So the tour guide and the driver will pick you up from your hotel and transport you to Aramu Muru but along the way.

You will have the chance to learn about the little towns and Aymara communities, after 1-hour driving, you will get the magical place where you will have all the information about the mystic and shamanic rituals that involve this magical place.

After all this experience your driver and tour guide will return you to Puno City, the tour is for 3 hours or a little be more.

Includes / Not include

Aramu muru Tour Included

  • Professional tour guide
  • Transportation to Sillustani
  • One breakfast
  • One lunch
  • Oxygen
  • First aid kit

Not Included

  • Tips
  • Travel Insurance
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

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