Food on the Inca Trail hike

food on the inca trail

The first plate is always a traditional Andean soup.

The main dish is always a buffet with two or three different options, so the hikers can be able to choose what they want to eat, companied by Andean cereals, salads, and rice.

The people with all the different kinds of food restrictions including vegetarians or vegans just need to let us know in advance to make the arrangements to have food with their restrictions during the entire hikes.

The food on the Inca Trail and the alternative hiking routes is just extraordinary.

Nobody expects the quality of dishes and drinks that our chefs are able to prepare and cook in the middle of the Andean Mountains.

We have 3 very well-prepared Chefs that began their experience on the Inca Trail or hiking routes as a porter and after all this time learning how to be a chef, some of our porters now are chefs.

Every February the Inca Trail is closed for its maintained and the rest of hiking routes are not really busy due to the rain that makes some of the routes dangerous, so our chefs are free to increase their knowledge.

During the entire month, our chefs receive conferences and lessons about how to create new dishes in the mountains with limited instruments.

They also receive techniques of salubrity and how to take care of our travelers especially now that we have more allergies and food restrictions.

What kind of food is available during the Inca Trail and Hiking routes?

Our chefs prepare a really big variety of food every day, the dishes are different all the time, the food that we try to provide need to have a big variety because of all the different kinds of people that we have in our hiking groups.

Once to get the campsites or lunch spots the welcome drink is already a tradition, these drinks are going to be made with water from the natural springs, filtered and boiled for your safety, to next mix the water with the traditional fruits typical from the Peruvian Andes and Jungle.

Food on the Inca Trail that Kaypi Offers

Our lunch always starts with traditional soup, compose of vegetables such as:

  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Basil

Andean cereals such as:

  • Quinua
  • Kiwicha
  • Wheat
  • Barley.

Just after the soup, the feast is going to start, our chefs will provide you all the dishes available for the day.

They are usually two different kinds of meat (beef and chicken) (fish and pork) (lamb and chicken), the meat always comes with different salads, cereals like rice or quinoa, with potatoes in different versions like french fries, boiled potatoes, potatoes with cheese and others.

This is just for the lunch; the Dinner will be similar because for Peruvians dinner is the big meal of the day.

Before dinner, you will have our famous tea time, and you will be able to enjoy hot chocolate, coffee, cookies, and popcorn.

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