The Inca Trail Porters in Cusco Peru

For a long time, donkeys, horses or mules are not allowed on the Inca Trail in order to protect the integrity of the Sacred Path, that is why the certified tour operators such as Kaypi Peru Tours are able to use just “the Inca trail porters”, people from different Andean communities for carrying the camping equipment and food during the 4 days of the Inca Trail.

The Inca Trail Porters

Where do the Inca Trail Porters come from?

To choose our porters we go to the Andean communities that are not located close to the tourist attractions, we decided to choose people not related to the tourist activity in order to give opportunities to more of our local people.

We have a total of 60 Inca Trail porters and the ages of our porters are varied, from 18 years old to 50 years old. All of them are in a really good physical shape which is typical of Andean guys.

Kaypi Peru Tours is so proud to say that our company is part of the select group of companies that give to the porters a really good salary, putting their entire salary to a bank account at the beginning of the tours, they can start the hikes with an already paid salary.

Being an Inca Trail porters is an eternal job?

The effort that our porters do is a big thing, that is why we assist them all the time to try to find new economic activities to solvent their families.

Kaypi also provided insurance for them and their families, carrying weight belongings is not an eternal work that is why Kaypi provide them with an insurance that porters can use to save money and with a health protection insurance for them and their families.

The porters are able to be one day chefs and get more money during their tours, but also if they decide to study to become tour guides one day, they have the totally help and assistance of our travel company

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