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Tour guides of Kaypi Peru

Tour guides of Kaypi Peru

He was born on May 14th of 1984 in Cusco City; He has 2 sisters and is engaged right now. He loves to travel and enjoy the nature every moment that he can, he hope that the social problems in…

Experience: 7 years as a tour guide.

Working with us: 6 years.

Hobby: Travel and enjoy the nature.

Nick name: Colitas, Carlitos.

He was born on June 12th of 1 in Barrio de San Blas in Cusco City. Santiago’s passion are the mountains and the nature however his 16 years of experience gives to Santiago the enough knowledge to talk about the…

Experience: 16 years as a tour guide.

Working with us: 6 years.

Hobby: Travel, play soccer and football

Nick name: Santi.

Renso was born in Cusco in 1992. He is happily married and has a beautiful daughter. He started to work with Kaypi since the very beginning in the office and thanks to his knowledge in tourism kaypi was able to…

Experience: 10 years working in tourism.

Working with us:  6 years

Hobby: Play soccer, listen music, dance and explore the world.

Nick name: Rensitus.

Franco was born on May 24th of 1991 in Oropesa town the national capital of bread, a little town close to Cusco City. Franco loved to play soccer during his free time but with the arrival of his son he…

Experience: 9 years as a tour guide.

Working with us: 9 years.

Hobby: Travel, watch movies, drink and dance.

Nick name: Francucha.

Elias was born in 1986 in the village of Mollepata, Cusco Region Peru. He went to the local school and was a good student. But when he was eleven years old he moved to the main town, to continue study…

Experience: 8 years as a tour guide.

Working with us: 7 years.

Hobby: Hanging out with his family.

Nick name:

DIEGO was born on July 19th of 1984 in Santa Teresa town; close to Machupicchu. He has 1 adorable daughter and is separated right now. He loves to listen to electronic and deep house music, but his preferable activity is…

Experience: 10 years as a tour guide.

Working with us: 7 years.

Hobby: Listen tunchis tunchis music (Electronic) and deep house  .

Nick name: Diego, Negro.

Lito was born on April 20th of 1989 in Oropesa town, close to Cusco city, he has one beautiful son and he is married. He loves to play soccer during his free time especially on his little town that is…

Experience: 6 years as a tour guide.

Working with us: 3 years.

Hobby: Play soccer and dance.

Nick name: Lito.

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